Walker Tape Lace Release Fast Release Dab-On

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Walker Tape Lace Release Dab On is a tried and tested favourite with wig and weave wearers. It is extremely easy to use, quick to work and gently removes the mesh from the scalp and skin.

This is a great product for lace hair systems and lace front wigs. The Lace Release Dab On greatly reduces the chance of damaging the lace or mesh frontals on your hair system as it releases the lace leaving the adhesive residue on the scalp and not on the mesh. This helps to prolong the life of the lace unit and makes for easy cleanup.

The easy to use Dab On bottle allows you to direct the lace release to exactly the place you want to release the hair system from the scalp. This helps to reduce any unnecessary waste of the product.

Lace Release is non-oily and is a favourite with most lace system wig and hair system wearers.